The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor (2019)

The story starts with the screening of a documentary about Ma-mi.

In the 90s, MA Tai-xiang (also known as Ma-mi), a person living with HIV, established a shelter called the Sweet Ma's. Many patients and volunteers gathered here and supported one another like family members. Everything was fine until one day the Sweet Ma's was anonymously reported as a place for drug parties, which led to the closure of the shelter that used to be a home for the infected. 

More than ten years have passed. A woman named Jun-fan becomes interested in the real reason behind the closure of the Sweet Ma's and wants to know how everything started, that is, the story of Ma-mi. For this reason, she starts her documentary film project. Based on the diary of Ma-mi, Jun-fan is able to interview friends and relatives who were close to Ma-mi. However, each person tells a very different story about Ma-mi. Jun-fan has to put together the puzzle-like fragments of information about Ma-mi in order to find out the truth from descriptions of Ma-mi as told by people with different and often opposite positions.

At the end, Ma-mi appears in person. Will his statements be the final answer? Or are they just versions of possible memoirs?


March 1st-3rd, 2019_Taiwan International Festival of Arts_National Theater, Taipei

Credit |

Playwright|CHIEN Li-Ying
Director|Tora Hsu
Dramaturge │ LEE Ming-Chen
Script Consultant|WU Zheng-Han
Assistant Director |CHEN Yu-Dien
Set Design │ LEE Po-Ling
Video Design │ WANG Cheng-Yuan
Light Design │ Joanne SHYUE
Costume Design │ LEE Yu-Sheng
Composer │Blaire KO
Sound Design │ HONG Yi-Jun
Cast │ WANG Shi-Wei, Angie Wang, WANG Chao-Yang,YU Pei-Jen, CHU Ding-Yi, LIN Tzu-Heng, LIN Chia-Chi, KAO Ruo-Shan,
            TSENG Hsin-Yen, YANG Jia-En, LIAO Wei-Di, LIAO Yuan-Ching, DENG Ming-You
Mass Actor|LI Chung-Min, QIU Ya-Jie, Lin Zhe-Wei, LIN Yin-Pei, SHI Hong-Ru, SHI En, ZHUANG Zhe-Wei, LIANG Hong-Yue,
                     CHEN Jun-Kai, CHEN You-En, ZENG Xiang-Yao, ZHENG Yu-Jun, OU YANG Shao-Qi, ZHONG Li-Jin
Producer|SU Chih-Peng
Stage Manager|Dino Chang
Director Assistnat|PAN Pin-Feng
Stage Manager Assistant|CHOU Hsien-Hsin
Technical Director|SU Jun-Xue
Master Electrician|CHEN Jen-Shuo
Sound Engineering|YEN Hsin-Yang
Lighting Programmer|CHEN Guan-Lin
Set Design Assistant|SU Zi-Yu
Video Design Assistant and Operator|HUANG Yong-Hsin
Video Operator|CHEN Yi-Xing
Sound Operator|HO Yung-Yu
English Performance Subtitle Operator|TSENG Chung-Yi
Dresser|Sarah Wu,Yunnie Tang,Teddy CHENG
Wardrobe|LIN Pei-Jun, CHEN Ting-An
Technicians|BAI Cheng-Wei, HONG Zhi-Long, ZHUANG Yue-Chang, HSU Jia-Yu, CHEN Cheng-Hua, CHEN Yun,
                        WEN Cheng-Han, CHANG Yao-Wen, YEH Si-Han, LOU Kuan-Yen, TSAI Ming-Tsung
Script Translator|CHANG Li-De, LIU Wei-Ming
Photography| Dabei CHIN
Performance Documentation|CHEN Guan-Yu, RUAN Xiang-Wen, CHEN Shi-En
Executive Producer|Ann Wu
Special Thanks|Asia Muse, Yang’s Ensemble, Dimension +, SHANG An-Xuan
Premier Commission|National Theater&Concert Hall, National Performing Arts Center