DENG Ming-You
Actor / Technical Director / Stage Manager

A lover of flour-based food.

Having earned his BA in drama from National Taiwan University of Arts, DENG is now a member of 4 CHAIRS THEATRE. He has served in various capacities, including theatre actor, video actor, stage manager and technical director.

He appeared in 4 CHAIRS’s Ok, My Dear Sisters, The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor, Tainaner Ensemble x 4 CHAIRS THEATRE’s Zoo of Cards, Fevervine Dance Theatre’s Literature Dance Theatre: Yeh-Shyr-Tau—Spring Dream at Gourd Valley, ESP-I Performing Arts Group’s The Legend of Tung Blossom Hill, Dream Lotus Culture & Art Foundation’s Lucky Star and King of Longevity. He also directed and wrote scripts outside the theatre circle, including for Chiuko Traditional Orchestra, Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra and Pro Arte Orchestra Taiwan & CMT.