Formally established in 2007, 4 CHAIRS THEATRE consists of a group of young theatre artists and specialists. “4 CHAIRS” is not only a reference to the four core founding members, but also a symbol of the interface between the modern-day audience and the theatre. Any instant on the stage could provide the audience with a chance to look into the “Here” and “Now”, rethink and question the contemporary life that they are part of.

4 CHAIRS’s productions demonstrate its unique performative aesthetics, which is dominated by the use of “original script” and “devised theatre”. With no limits imposed on the subject matter and site of performance, 4 CHAIRS utilizes the essential nature of collaborative creation to explore ways to unite form and content. Its Waiting for What!?, premiered in 2009 at the 2nd Taipei Fringe Festival, won the Everybody is Satisfied Award and Best Use of Space Award of that year. The play was subsequently invited to perform at the 12th Taipei Arts Festival. In 2011, also upon invitation, 4 CHAIRS’s 0920002012 debuted at NTCH’s New Idea Theatre Festival.

In 2015, 4 CHAIRS and playwright CHIEN Li-Ying began collaborating on the Rewriting Classics Project. Its first production Ok, My Dear Sisters, adapted from Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, won great acclaim from both viewers and critics. Upon invitation, the play went on a tour to the Changhua Theatre Art Festival and the Tainan Arts Festival. At the 2017 Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA), 4 CHAIRS was invited to premiere The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor, a work that embodies director Tora Hsu and playwright CHIEN Li-Ying’s creative approach to exploring Taiwanese original scripts.