Every Brilliant Thing

“When I was seven years old, I wrote a list,a list of all the brilliant things about the world,everything that’s worth living for.
This is a gift to my mom in the hope that she will live on.”

Every Brilliant Thing, developed and created jointly by contemporary British playwright Duncan Macmillan and British comedian Jonny Donahoe, is a story about a boy trying to save his mother from depression.
A seven-year-old boy created the list as a gift to his mother, on which he wrote all the things that he reckoned brilliant about the world. The list accompanied the boy while he grew up and went through all the stages, from falling in love to getting married and then divorced, and all the ups and downs in his life.

 4 CHRIRS THEATRE brings Every Brilliant Thing to Taiwan. Directed by Artistic Director Tora Hsu, the 4 CHRIRS THEATRE’s version of Every Brilliant Thing features a double cast, CHU Ding-Yi and LIN Chia-Chi, two leading members in the company, as well as Taiwan-specific experiences in growing up, localized contexts, and familiar music to share the ups and downs in a boy’s life with audiences.


Apr. 12th-14th,2024_ Weiwuying Rehearsal Room B313_
Mar. 15th-24th,2024_ Taipei Performance Arts Center_Studio 1_Taipei
Mar. 25th-27th,2022_ Taipei Performance Arts Center_Blue Box_Taipei
Feb. 12th-20th,2022_ Shulin Arts Center_New Taipei City
Mar. 25th-28th,2021_ Shulin Arts Center_New Taipei City

Credit |
Playwright|Duncan Macmillan, Johnny Donahoe
Script Translator|Eric Lin
Director|Tora Hsu
Actor|CHU Ding-Yi, LIN Chia-Chi, Jasmine Wang (2024)
Space and Light Designer|CHEN Guan-Lin
Sound Designer|HUNG Yi-Chun (Iggy Hung)
Assistant Lighting Designer|KUO Yu-Wei
Stage Manager|DENG Ming-You
Director Assistant|Ryan Lin
Technical Director & Master Electrician|HSU Shao-Hsiang
Sound Technical Director|CHEN Chung-You
Sound Technician Co-creation(2022)|WU Zhi-Ling, QIU Yi-Ying, CHEN Jie-Xin, Hsu Hui-Chueh, ZHANG Xiang-Wen
Stage and Light Technician(2021)|LI Tsung-Kang, LEE Ching-Tai, LIN Jian-Ping, FAN Li-Ying, XU Zhe-Wei, CHEN Ming-Jia, TONG Wan-Ting
Stage and Light Technician(2022)|LEE Ching-Tai, LIN Jian-Ping, CHEN Wei-Yuan, TSAI Chen-Han, TSAI Li-Han, CHENG Chih-Lung , XU Zhe-Wei
Stage and Light Technician(2024)|JIANG Jun-kia, LIN Yen-chi, LO Ying-jou
Programme Designer|LEE Ming-Chen
Photographer|Dabei Chin(2021),Yellow(2022、2024 Taipei), LIN Chun-Yung (2024 Kaohsiung), CHU Shang-chung (2024 Kaohsiung)
Trailer Editor|TshioTiô  CHIOU Chuei-Jen
Documentation Photographer|BiG BiG CHEN International Film Co., Ltd.
Production Director|SU Chih-Peng
Producer|Ann Wu
Administrator | CHEN Yi-Ling
Receptionist(2022)|HUNG Yi-Rou, TSENG Chung-Yi, PAN Pin-Feng, LIU Yun-Chen
Intern of 2020|Eric Lin, PAN Pin-Feng, LIU Yun-Chen
Intern of 2021|Ryan Lin
Script Licensing|Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd