CHU Ding-Yi
Head of the company

CHU received both his BA and MA in drama (performance-focused) from National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). He is currently Theatre Leader and actor for 4 CHAIRS THEATRE and a part-time lecturer at the Department of Drama, NTUA. 

He has recently appeared in 4 CHAIRS’s The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor, We are Ghosts, Ok, My Dear Sisters, Zoo of Cards, How To Be Good, 0920002012, Waiting for What!? and Elevator, Studio M’s Taiwan Hólíwood, Studio M Cabaret – Let’s Swing It! and the Cabaret series, Tainaner Ensemble’s  Clôture de lamour, Re/turn, Hamlet, Anping, Our Town and K24, Tainaner Ensemble x Studio M Mulan the Musical, Story Works’ Three Storytellers, Creativity Society’s Love Song – Rhyme for You and He is my Wife, He is my Mother; People Theatre’s Xi Shi, Godot Theatre Company’s Othello, Taipei Blooming Theatre Company’s Take Care, Slow Island Theatre Group’s Moon Girl and Dark Eyes Performance Lab’s Electronic City