Zoo of Cards
Another surprise attack from these pandas
This time, on the survival instinct of human beings!

Trample the elephant in the room
Snap the giraffe’s neck
An interspecific cage fight between humans and animals
The road to power is a food chain
The feed that is called desire is never enough

Hey, humans!
This time, apart from love and wowotou, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan want more!

Continuing the practice of devised theatre used throughout the Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan series, this latest episode features a hybrid mix of “giant pandas in the zoo”, “theatre classics” and “TV series”. Pandas and other animals are the protagonists, personified to narrate the story – a borrowed and blended plot based on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the popular American drama House of Cards. That combination creates a postmodern allegory of absurdity.

Both Julius Caesar and House of Cards explore how politics and the media impact the mass public and discuss the temptation of power to individuals. Zoo of Cards is a story about “politics in the zoo”, told in the form of allegorical narrative to reflect Taiwan’s circumstances – political, social, diplomatic and economic ones – in the real world.
Production Calendar |

19th-27th March, 2016_ New Taipei City Arts Center

Credit |
Director|Tora Hsu
Cast │ CHU Ding-Yi, LIN Chia-Chi, Angie Wang, WANG Shi-Wei, KAO Ro-Shan, DENG Ming-You, LIU Kuan-Ting
Script|Devised by Director and Performance
Special Appearance|Alan Yang
Producer|LI Mu-Wei, LU Po-Shen, SU Chih-Peng
Stage Manager|Dino Chang
Set Design|LIAO Yin-Chiao
Video Design|WANG Cheng-Yuan
Light Design| Joanne Shyue
Composer|HUNG Yi-Chun
Costume Design │ CHANG Yi-Tsung
Technical Director|SU Jun-Xue
Master Electrician|CHEN Jen-Shuo
Sound Engineering|YEN Hsin-Yang
Video Operator|LIN Jia-Rong
Dresser|Teddy Cheng, Ake
Director Assistant|CHEN Yu-Dien
Stage Manager Assistant|CHOU Hsien-Hsin
Technicians|HSU Yu-Chuan, HSU An-Chi, CHEN Ding-Nan, CHEN Cheng-Hua, Tsai Hung-Lin, LIN Jin-Yi
Executive Producer|LIN Jia-Chian
Marketing Executive|Joy Chiang
Marketing Assistant|CHUANG Cheng-Yan
Ticket Accounting|JI Mei-Ling
2016 Main Vision Concept Designer|HSIN Jen-Chieh
Photography|WANG Cheng-Yuan
Main Visual Designer|LEE Ming-Chen
Playbill Designer|HSIN Jen-Chieh
Graphic design Operator|CHUANG Cheng-Yan, LIU Chuan
Co-Production |Tainaner Ensemble