LIN Chia-Chi

Born in 1985, LIN is a Hakka from Miaoli. With a BA in drama from National University of Arts, LIN is now an actor for 4 CHAIRS THEATRE and a part-time lecturer at the Department of Radio, Television and Film, Shih Hsin University. He devotes himself to performing and teaching performance and has been regularly invited to host performance workshops at Qplace, Star Ritz, Voice Actors Association, Acting House and West Wind Acting Studio.

He has recently performed in 4 CHAIRS’s The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor, Zoo of Cards, Ok, My Dear Sisters, We are Ghosts and Inflammation, Yang’s Ensemble’s Roommates, Studio M’s Taiwan Hólíwood, Ren-Shin Co-op Theatre’s The Pillowman, Godot Theatre Company’s Office Goes Mad, Tainaner Ensemble’s Twelfth Night – A Shakespearean Musical. He also appeared in PTS’s short film Absolute Territory as Polar Bear and has been a regular director, screenwriter and actor for LucidiTV’s Spiritual Dialogue short dramas.