Before Outdated 2.0

Step on stage, all I can do is to believe
But, after the show, what about my own life? 

As an actress, I was busy playing the single women who were madly in love and fall out of love. I got off the stage and turn on the dating app to conquer my loneliness, but all kinds of weirdo emerged in endlessly: Shaun Lau, an architect who has money and talent but also has a wife.Justin Beerber, who invited me to his place but it turns out he went to the gym to exercise by himself.  Rukawa Hou, whose face is a 10, but could only last 15 seconds in bed... Wait!  Who am I? Where am I? What do I want now? How could I get it? What's stopping me from getting it? This is the question when an actor/actress faces his/her role, and it is also the self-doubt that must be faced in the journey of chasing love (before outed). After all these encounter on dating app, I asked myself: "When I have all the opportunities of the world, what exactly am I looking for? "


July 8th-10th, 2022_NTT-FUN_NTT Playhouse_Taichug
Dec.23th-26th, 2021_Wellspring Theater_Taipei

Credit |
Publisher|Jayden Lin
Producer|SU Chih-Peng
Executive Producer & Script Editor|CHIEN Li-Ying
Playwright, Director & Performer|Angie Wang
Co-Director|Tora Hsu
Stage & Lighting Design|CHEN Guan-Lin
Video Design│WANG Cheng-Yuan
Sound Design|HUNG Yi-Chun (Iggy Hung)
Costume Design|Angie Wang
Stylist Consultant|LIN Pei-Jun
Illustration Design|Elin Kuo , HUANG Yong-Hsin
Director Assistant|Ryan Lin
Voice Actor|Ethan Wei
Stage Manager| CHEN Cheng-Hua
Technical Director|LIU Po-Yen
Master Electrician|HSU Shao-Hsiang
Audio Technical Director|CHEN Yu-Chien(2021), CHANG Chih-Hui(2021), CHEN Chung-You(2022)
Video Operator|KUO Hui-Yu(2021),Pete Chiang(2022)
Wardrobe Supervisor|CHANG Ning-Hsiang
Stylist & Makeup|Sarah Wu, Teddy Cheng
Technicians|LEE Ching-Tai, CHOU Kuan-Chih , LIN Jian-Ping, KAO Tang-Chieh, KUO Yu-Wei, YE Xiu-Ying, CHANG Hsiu-Ming, CHAO Chih-Yau, TSAI Li-Han, TSAI Chen-Han
Marketing Director|Eason Tan
Marketing|TSENG Yen-Ning, CHIANG Pei-Ling, SU Sue
Production Manager|LIN Yu-Hung
Associate Producer|Ann Wu
Graphic Design|Hsiao Han Liu
Typography|LIU Yueh-Yueh
Publicity Photo|Artists Club
Rehearsal & Performance Photographer|Dabei Chin
Documentation Photographer|BiG BiG CHEN  International Film Co., Ltd.